Chenault Family National Association


14-16 Jul 2017, Berea, Kentucky

Registration for the 68th Annual Chenault Family National Association Reunion commenced at 1:00 p.m., Friday, July 14, 2017, at the Boone Tavern Hotel and Restaurant in Berea, KY. The Hospitality Room opened providing hospitality and informal visiting during the reunion, as well as displays covering both family and reunion history, silent auction items, and souvenirs.

Friday Evening, July 14, 2017 ó

The Reception and Informal Get-together convened at 7:00 p.m. with President Jean Logue calling the session to order. President Logue made a few announcements about the activities for the weekend including the planned tour of Ft. Boonesborough, where the business meeting would take place with a box lunch to be served shortly thereafter. She also mentioned other potential side trips to Old Cane Springs church and the Richmond Cemetery for those interested, but then explained that a visit to William Chenaultís place of burial would not be possible as permission to visit the place located on private land had not been granted.

She proceeded into the part of the program where individual family groups came forward, introduced themselves, and had their photos made. After all attendees had been introduced and photographed, President Logue introduced her father, Judge Jim Chenault, who presented various tidbits of history from Williamís line of the family and displayed memorabilia from his collection of family mementos. Cookies, coffee, and other assorted beverages were served during the session.

President Logue adjourned the session.

Saturday Morning Annual Business Meeting, July 15, 2017 ó

The annual business meeting was called to order at Ft. Boonesborough by President Logue. She invited Nan Cushing to deliver the invocation. Nan read a Huguenot prayer, one from several she found in a French Huguenot church in Charleston, SC. Following Nanís reading, President Logue introduced the Executive Director of Richmond Tourism, Lori Murphy-Tatum, who presented a proclamation to the Chenault Family Reunion of 2017 commemorating the pioneering spirit of William and Elizabeth Chenault, who were among the earliest settlers of Ft. Boonesborough with Daniel Boone. The requirements for membership in the Society of Boonesborough, either as a descendant of William or as a "friend" of the society, were explained with copies of the application for membership being made available to anyone interested in pursuing such membership.

President Logue called on Secretary Carolyn Sue Chenault to cover the minutes of the 2016 reunion. Since the minutes were posted on the website for review shortly after the previous reunion and copies were included for review in the registration packets, they were not read to the group. Sue asked if there were any corrections or additions to them. After receiving no requests for changes, a motion was made, seconded, and passed approving the minutes as written.

President Logue asked Treasurer Donna Mellick to provide the financial report. She deferred to her husband/assistant, Gus Mellick, who provided a summary of the associationís financial picture. Gus was happy to announce that the Redbook fund is now operating in the "black" meaning that a percentage of every book sold in the future will be given to the association. No changes or clarifications to the report were requested, so a motion to accept the report as presented was made, seconded and approved.

President Logue indicated that as chairperson of the Bylaws Committee, she had nothing to report for her committee, and asked for other officer and committee reports. Secretary/historian Sue Chenault, who chairs the Genealogy Committee and serves as Webmaster for the website, reported that through the website, she gets, on average, 2-4 requests per month for assistance with research on various lines. Generally, these are quickly handled due to the continuing expansion of the data in the associationís Redbook files. Recently, she has added several new features to the site including photos of all souvenirs and a page covering the military service of descendants. Also, several Redbooks have been sold as a result of the information that appears on the website. And last, the problem with the website being down for a few days recently has been addressed with the provider, and we have been assured it was due to a procedural oversight that has been corrected and will not reoccur.

President Logue recommended three individuals, Libby Chenault, Cabell Chenault, and Bill Chenault Smith, to serve as the Site Selection Committee and recommend to the association sites for 2-3 years out by the next reunion. A motion was made to accept the three, seconded, and passed. Although a request to consider a location such as Memphis that would be back toward the middle of the country was momentarily discussed, the recommendation to pursue Roanoke, VA, as the potential site for the 2018 reunion was made, seconded, and passed without further discussion.

Luisa deVarona Chenault, co-chair of the Nominating Committee presented a slate of candidates for officers including Libby Chenault for President, Larkin Chenault for First VP, Carolyn Sue Chenault for Secretary, and Donna Chenault Mellick for Treasurer. A motion was made, seconded, and passed to elect this slate of officers for the 2017-18 term. President Logue appointed three attendees to the Nominating Committee to recommend a slate of officers for the 2018-19 term at the next reunion...Luisa de Verona Chenault, Susan Thurman, and herself, as past President.

No other committees had reports. President Logue asked for any additional old or any new business. A discussion ensued concerning pursuit of a plan to move William Chenaultís tombstone to a new location to avoid the problem of having to get permission to visit the site now on private property. Most felt the tombstone should not be moved without relocating the grave as well, which does not seem likely. The discussion was tabled until more information can be provided regarding state and local laws, etc., affecting such a plan.

There was a brief discussion followed by a recommendation to eliminate the presentation of Certificates of Appreciation to committee chairs, officers, etc. The recommendation passed. The only exception will be the presentation of a plaque to any person serving as President for the first time. If a plaque was previously presented to the serving President, only a new, engraved plate for their plaque will be presented.

President Logue adjourned the meeting.

Saturday Morning Session, July 15, 2017---

After the business meeting, a box lunch was served. Afterward, attendees were on their own to continue to tour the fort or set their sights on other points of interest in the area.

Annual Banquet and Installation of Officers,

Saturday Dinner, July 15, 2017---

The dinner was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Logue, who then introduced guests who were not introduced in a previous session. Rev. Nan Cushing read a Huguenot prayer of thanks and remembrance of those who have passed and found rest from their labors. She then read the 2017 Memorial Honor Roll.

President Logue introduced the eveningís speaker, John Cabell Chenault, IV. In his presentation, Cabell addressed a number of things about their family history he learned from his dad who passed away last year at the age of 102. He recalled when his dad had his DNA tested to determine the legitimacy of the rumor that their line of the family actually descended from Thomas Jefferson, which it does not. He also shared a few person reflections of his dad, such as what he wanted to eat for the meal he enjoyed only a short time before he passed away...oyster stew and ice cream.

A tribute to descendants of Estienne Cheneau (Stephen Chenault) who served or currently serve in law enforcement, as firemen, or other first responder positions was presented by Jerry and Sue Chenault.

President Logue announced the passing of the bread basket, and the results of the Silent Auction bids and guessing contests were announced .

Certificates of appreciation were presented by President Logue to all officers and committee chair persons in attendance. Following the presentation, incoming officers as reflected by the voting in the business meeting were assembled before attendees, and the oath of office was administered by President Logue.

The Presidentís plaque was presented to President Logue, and in-coming President Libby Chenault Logue offered a few remarks encouraging everyone to attend the 2018 reunion.

President Libby Chenault adjourned the session until the third weekend of July 2018.

Respectively submitted,

Carolyn Sue Chenault