Chenault Family National Association


Although the first national reunion was held in 1950 in Dallas, no photographs from that reunion have been located.  However, in 1951, the 2nd reunion was held in Dallas at the state fairgrounds, and a group photo of attendees at that reunion is a treasured keepsake of the association.  As the years passed, there were a few group photos made at the reunions, but often the occasions were preserved only in personal photos made by attendees.  In 2001, Ann McIntosh Chenault, wife of John Blackwell Chenault, III, initiated an event at the reunions whereby every family group in attendance introduced themselves and posed for a photograph to mark the occasion.  This event is one that attendees enjoy at every reunion.  Below are the family groups from the 2017 reunion. 

States in red were represented by attendees at the 2017 Annual Chenault Reunion.

From Alabama....                   From California....                  From Florida....                   From Georgia....                  From Georgia....

Bill and Mary Sue             Mellick Family: Charlie, Taylor,           Bill and Diane Chenault          Tommy and Linda Brown           Norton Family: Rick, Rachel,
       Smith                         Keri, Gus, Donna, and Joey                           Parke                                                                   Jessica, Jay, and Nan Cushing

     From Illinois....               From Kansas....          From Kentucky....                            From Kentucky....                        From Kentucky....

   David and Linda                  Sue Chenault            Susan Kavanaugh, her mother,                  Ed Chenault and niece,                      Tandy Chenault and
      Chenault                             Robinson              Bobbie Thompson, and husband,                        Sarah Chenault                             brother David Reid 
                                                                                        Dan Walsh                                                                                                 Chenault

                      From Kentucky....                                       From Kentucky....                                            From Kentucky....                

Ed Chenault, Will Chenault Hurt, Susan Chenault Hurt,           George and Glenna Sue          Judge James S. Chenault, Howard and Jean Chenault Logue,
Sue Robinson Chenault, Edward Chenault, Jr., Becky                       Baker                          and, on Saturday evening, Howard and Jean with son, James.
Chenault, Helen Parks Chenault, and Thomas Douglas
                            Chenault, IV.

  From Kentucky and Virginia....                From Mississippi....           From North Carolina and Virginia....                From Pennsylvania....

Susan and Jim Wachter with her brother         Harold and Betty Chenault          Steve and Sarah Southward, Aunt Luisa                   Frank and daughter, Susan,
     Bill Farmer and his wife, Janice             Garrett with great-granddaughter,   de Varona Chenault, Jim and Susan Wachter,                          Thurman
                                                                      Gabrielia Ratajczyk                                 and Libby Chenault

From Texas....                         From Texas....                          From Virginia....                     From Virginia....                        From Virginia....

   Barbara Chenault                Jerry Chenault and sister,             Larkin Chenault, and brother                   Jimmy Pitts                            Margaret and Richard
      MacManus                               Sue Chenault                         Cabell Chenault with wife,                                                                       Stockton