Chenault Family National Association




The Chenault Family National Association has begun maintaining a file of Bible Records to help researchers establish their family lines by sharing the access to these much desired records.  In some instances, older Bible records can be the only source of marriages, deaths, and births.

As Bible Records are received, their availability will be noted on this page of our site.  Since the process of repeated copying of original Bible records tends to increase their fragility, this project will provide a means of preserving the original records and be an invaluable source of information to many people.  If you desire a copy of records listed below, you may email your request to Sue Chenault at  She will provide the copies to you for a small copying charge and postage.  The cost will be determined by the number of pages involved.

(Picture - Immigrant Stephen Chenault's Bible, reportedly, on display at the Filson Club in Louisville, KY.)







Chenault, Henrietta Earle Bronston
Chenault, John Calvin (TX)
Chenault, William Oldham (Mt. Sterling, Montgomery Co., KY)
Hall, Susie Ella Shinault (TX)


If you have Bible records to share with others, please copy them and mail or email them to:

                                        Chenault Family National Association
                                        2101 Rheims Drive
                                        Carrollton, TX 75006-4329

                                        (email -

  If you prefer that your Bible records be withheld from either the website or any publication of the association, please indicate that in your correspondence.  Copies of these particular records will be provided only upon request from family members.

Please note the instructions below for copying your Bible Records.


1.  If there is a title page in the Bible, copy it, front and back, including any pages making reference to the publisher and date of publication.

2.  Copy the page(s) that generally has a border around it indicating to whom the Bible originally belonged.

3.  Copy all family information such as marriages, births, baptisms, and death records.

4.  Be certain the copy is as clear as possible to obtain.  If you have a scanner, you can scan the pages and email each page as a single attachment.

5.  Prepare a separate sheet that includes the following information and have it notarized:

            -    Name of original Bible owner, including maiden name (if known) if owner was married woman.
            -    Name of person who copied or scanned pages and date of copying.
            -    Name and address of person submitting copies, and relationship to original owner of Bible.
            -    (Optional) Exclusion statement if pages are not to appear on website or in association book.
            -    Statement certifying that the appended (insert family name) Bible records are true and exact copies.

6.  Mail to the address indicated in the above section.