This page is dedicated to our ancestors and cousins who either served their country or are serving in one of the military branches of the United States military.  Included are Recipients of Military Awards and Commendations, a Roll of Service of Descendants of Estienne Cheneau (Stephen Chenault), Descendants Serving During the American Revolution, and Descendants Serving During the War of 1812.

Recipients of Military Awards and Commendations

"A hero is an ordinary individual
who finds the strength to persevere and endure
in spite of overwhelming obstacles."
~Christopher Reeve

Henry Tyler Chernault
(11131.3855) - 2
Charles Lucien Shinault (11145.1551)
Robert Lovell Graham (11353.1921)
David Franklin Chenault, Jr. (11353.4352)
Lewis Edward Hudson (11365.9263)
Cleveland Smith Whittaker
Joe Prewitt Chenault, Jr. (11511.1121)
Charles Joseph Chenault (11524.x13)

Henry Tyler Chernault (11131.3855)
Robert Lovell Graham (11353.1921)
Ernest Nelson Chennault
Charles Vivian Chenault

Henry Tyler Chernault (11131.3855)
James Kenneth Chenault (11354.2421)
Billie Harris Henderson
Theodore Gilliam
(11365.6713) - 2
Lewis Edward Hudson
Pat William Chennault
Cleveland Smith Whittaker
John Francis Chenault

Charles Lucien Shinault
James Miller Chenault (1133b.6211)
Pat William Chennault
Charles Joseph Chenault

Emmett Arthur Chenault (13115.3c6)

James Kenneth Chenault
Oran Ward Chenault, MD (11355.633)
William A. Owens
Charles Joseph Chenault (11524.x13)

Charles Lucien Shinault
James Kenneth Chenault

David Franklin Chenault, Jr.
Lewis Edward Hudson (11365.9263)

James Kenneth Chenault

James Kenneth Chenault

James Kenneth Chenault

Pat William Chennault



Henry Tyler Chernault (11131.3855), b. 23 Dec 1922; d. 7 Nov 2002, Clarksville, Mecklenburg Co., VA. He served in WWII, US Army, 22 Jul 1943 to 15 Dec 1945, when wounded (2nd Purple Heart); received Silver and Bronze Stars, 1944.

Charles Lucien Shinault (11145.1551), b. 24 Sep 1921, Booneville, MS (twin); d. 31 Mar 2004. Served USArmy Air Forces, entered service 5 Dec 1943. Recipient of Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart, WWII Victory Medal, and other commendations.

James Miller Chenault (1133b.6211), b. 23 May 1924, San Pedro, Los Angeles Co., CA; d. 8 Jun 2011, York, York Co., NE. He served US Air Corp/Air Force, WWII and Korean Conflict; rank, Capt. (B29A) Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross, 12 Apr 1951.

Robert Lovell Graham (11353.1921), b. 23 Dec 1919; d. 17 May 1990; buried Meadowbrook Cem., Lamar Co., TX. He served in USArmy in WWII; decorated with the Purple Heart and Silver Star.

Claire Lee Chennault (11354.151), b. 6 Sep 1893, Commerce, TX; d. 27 Jul 1958, New Orleans, LA; buried Arlington National Cem. 

This is the well-known Lt. Gen. Chennault, leader of the famous "Flying Tigers," who, in spite of an attempt by Japan’s military forces to set up a blockade, kept supply lines open into war-ravaged China along     the treacherous Burma Road. Chennault and his men were a group comprising mercenaries with flying experience, hired by Chiang Kai-Shek, and known as the American Volunteer Group, or AVG. Chennault was provided old and, argueably, obsolete fighter planes by President Roosevelt, because that was all the President could spare. But with the air-to-air fighting tactics taught to them by Chennault, the Flying Tigers became heroes to the Chinese government, Chinese people, and eventually to various factions within the US Army Air Corp, and the American people.

In an attempt to frighten the Japanese pilots, these aviators painted the now-famous shark’s teeth on both sides of the noses of their P-40 Tomahawk fighter planes. This nose art became the unit’s trademark. After an air battle over the capital city of Rangoon, Burma, in which the AVG shot down 25 Japanese planes, while losing only 2 men and 3 planes, the Chinese press tagged the AVG with the name "Flying Tigers."

Chennault was held in disdain by many of the established US military leaders because they disagreed with his vision of the important role of air-to air combat in successful warfare. The success of the Flying Tigers changed the minds of many, and Chennault’s air-to-air combat tactics became the basis of standard training given to pilots being trained for WWII. His biography and the role of the Flying Tigers in altering the early part of WWII in Southeast Asia is still the substance of new books and historical DVD’s contained in series issued by the likes of the Discovery Channel and the History Channel cable television networks.

On 6 Sep 1990, the US Postal Service issued a commemorative 40-cent postage stamp honoring Gen. Chennault.

David Franklin Chenault, Jr. (11353.4352), b. 1925; d. 13 Mar 1945; buried Henri-Chapelle, Liege, Belgium. Private, USArmy, 393rd Inf., 99th Division. Awarded Purple Heart; WWII Honor Roll.

Ernest Nelson Chennault (11354.154), b. 23 Sep 1911, Gilbert, LA. He served as Capt. in USMC (WWII); received multiple wounds at Iwo Jima. After the war, he joined the Army Engineer Corps as a civilian. Silver Star recipient.

James Kenneth Chenault (11354.2421), b. 18 Sep 1917, Sherman, Grayson Co., TX; d. 14 Jan 2006, Corpus Christi, Nueces Co., TX; buried Arlington National Cem., DC. Served 32 years US Army; rank, Col. Awarded Bronze Star, WWII Victory Medal, Legion of Merit, Meritorious Service Medal, Expeditionary Medal (Korea), National Defense Service Medal, and several others. He was kidnapped in 1963 by guerillas in Venezuela. They mistakenly believed he was a close relative of General Chennault. He was held captive for 8 days.

Oran Ward Chenault, MD (11355.633), b. 6 Feb 1904, England, AR; d. 4 Feb 1980, San Francisco, CA; Dr. Chenault graduated from the Univ. of Arkansas School of Medicine, 1930. He was a clinician, educator, and one of the pioneers in aviation medicine during a 30-year USN career. Served USNavy; rank, Captain; awarded Legion of Merit for outstanding service as Medical Officer of the USS Bunker Hill (Pacific). From Military Times Hall of Valor:

"The President of the United States of America takes pleasure in presenting the Legion of Merit with Combat "V" to Captain (MC) [then Commander] Oran Ward Chenault, United States Navy, for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services to the Government of the United States as Medical Officer of the U.S.S. BUNKER HILL (CV-17), from 5 August 1943 to 5 October 1944. Captain Chenault, with superb leadership and superior executive ability, organized and trained the Medical Department of the BUNKER HILL prior to arrival of the ship in the combat zone. He conducted his duties as Head of that Department during twenty-five strikes against the Japanese enemy fleet and many formidable strongholds including Rabaul, Gilbert Islands, Kavieng, Marshall Islands, Marianas, and Philippine Islands in a courageous and aggressive manner. On 19 June 1944, when the BUNKER HILL was damaged by a near bomb miss resulting in the death of two persons and injury of fifty, he personally directed medical and first aid operations in a most commendable manner. His tireless interest in the well being and welfare of the pilots of the Air Groups contributed to the high state of morale and resulting success of the Air Groups. His professional skill, sound judgment, and tireless performance of duty were contributing factors to the success of the operations of his ship in this critical phase of the war in the Pacific. His outstanding service, exemplary personal conduct in battle and outstanding performance of duty were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service. (Captain Chenault is authorized to wear the Combat "V""

Billie Harris Henderson (11355.8131), b. 21 Aug 1923, Dallas, Dallas Co., TX; d. 15 Feb 2003, Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., TX. He served in WWII, 104th Inf. Div.; awarded Bronze Star for service in European theater.

Theodore Gilliam (11365.6713), b. 16 Aug 1915, MS; d. 20 Oct 1995, Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co., TX; buried Indiantown Gap National Cem., Annville, Lebanon Co., PA. During WWII, he served in USArmy, 38th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troup; Rank 2nd Lt.; awarded a battlefield commission and two Bronze Stars in the Phillippines campaign.

"For heroic service in connection with military operations against the enemy near Tarlac, Luzon, Philippine Islands on 21 March 1945. On this date, a patrol from Lieutenant Gilliam’s troop was halted by a withering fire from concealed enemy machine guns and rifles. Upon seeing one of his men lying seriously wounded and exposed to this fire, Lieutenant Gilliam, with complete disregard for his personal safety, left his protected position and ran across open terrain to the aid of his comrade. Upon reaching his side, Lieutenant Gilliam picked him up and carried him to a place of safety where medical treatment could be administered. Lieutenant Gilliam’s bravery and utter disregard for his person safety were an inspiration to the officers and men of his organization and reflect the highest credit upon himself and the military service."

Lewis Edward Hudson (11365.9263), b. 11 May 1917, Oklahoma City, OK; d. 28 Feb 1945; buried Henri-Chapelle American Cem., Belgium. Served WWII, USArmy, 746th Tank Batt., rank 2nd Lt. Awarded Bronze Star and Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster. Appears on WWII Honor Roll.

Pat William Chennault (11367.12211.1), b. 5 Jan 1945, Altus, Jackson Co., OK; d. 9 Oct 2013, Lawton, OK. He is a veteran of USArmy, recipient of Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, Distinguished Flying Cross, and Bronze Star.

William A. Owens (11367.1315), b. 2 Nov 1905; d. 9 Dec 1990, Nyack, NY. He was the author of sixteen books including fiction, folklore, history, and an autobiography, "This Stubborn Soil," which won the Texas Institute of Letters award. He was made a fellow of the institute, the second such honor granted to a Texas author for "continuing excellence in writing." From 1942 to 1945, he served in the USArmy and was awarded the Legion of Merit.

Cleveland Smith Whittaker (11414.4946), b. 24 May 1922, Caroline Co., VA; d. 9 May 2004. Served USArmy, WWII, enlisted 1 Sep 1943, released 31 Mar 1945, awarded Purple Heart and Bronze Star.

Joe Prewitt Chenault, Jr. (11511.1121), b. 26 Apr 1920, Richmond, Madison Co., KY; d. 9 Jun 2002. Served US Army, Air Corps; WWII; rank, 1st Lt.; POW, 8 Oct 1943-May 1945; awarded Purple Heart.

Charles Vivian Chenault (11513.56), b. 3 Jul 1891, Hillsboro, Hill Co., TX; d. Dec 1944, Amarillo, Potter Co., TX. Served USArmy, WWI, 117th Inf.; rank, 1st Sgt.; awarded Silver Star Citation. From Military Times Hall of Valor:

"By direction of the President, under the provisions of the act of Congress approved July 9, 1918 (Bul. No. 43, W.D., 1918), Sergeant Charles V. Chenault (ASN: 116459), United States Army, is cited by the Commanding General, American Expeditionary Forces, for gallantry in action and a silver star may be placed upon the ribbon of the Victory Medals awarded him. Sergeant Chenault distinguished himself by gallantry in action while serving with Machine Gun Company, 117th Infantry Regiment, 30th Division, American Expeditionary Forces, in action near Bellicourt, France, 29 September 1918, in organizing stragglers and leading them forward under heavy enemy fire."

Charles Joseph Chenault (11524.x13), Col. (Ret.) USAF, b. 24 Oct 1918, Canon City, Fremont Co., CO; d. 3 Nov 2012, Sacramento, Sacramento Co., CA. Charles, during a 30 year career as a fighter pilot, served in 3 wars, WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War. He received numerous awards, including the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Legion of Merit, and the Purple Heart (for a broken back incurred when he was shot down by ground fire, and crash-landed, while flying a ground support mission during the Korean War).

Emmett Arthur Chenault (13115.3c6), b. 25 Aug 1894, TX; d. 13 Mar 1962, El Paso Co., TX; buried Ft. Bliss National Cem., Ft. Bliss, TX. Served USNavy, rank, watertender, on USS Barnegat; awarded Navy Cross for meritorious conduct duing accident 21 Feb 1918. From Military Times Hall of Valor:

"Navy Cross awarded for meritorious conduct during an accident sustained by the USS Barnegat on 21 Feb 1918. Water Tender Chenault, a member of the engine-room force, was in the fireroom three minutes after the accident, which was flooded with escaping seam, and had the fires pulled."


John Francis Chenault (13115.9332), b. 12 Jul 1921, Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., MO; d. 27 Oct 1966, Shreveport, Caddo Par., LA. Served in USArmy, WWII, recipient of Bronze Star.


Roll of Service of Descendants

Surname Given Name RB # Rank Service Branch Additional Info
Acree George William 11434.124 USMC
Acree  James Aubrey 11434.125 USMC Spanish-American War
Adair Phillip Gordon 13115.9x31 USNavy 1950-54
Anderson John Harrell 11353.21772 USArmy Korean War
Baccus Brent Ryan 11148.23154.22 USNavy currently, submarine duty
Bates Billy Lloyd 13115.33147 USArmy WWII, Philippines
Bell Ralph 11215.12125 Capt USAF WWII
Berry Willard Russell 11144.1231 Capt USAFR (Ret.)
Billings Gilbert M., Jr. 11511.6181 Col USAF WWII & mission to the North Pole
Blackmon Joseph 11365.64251.1 USArmy
Breckenridge Lewis Richard 1133x.5154 CWO3 USArmy WWII, Korean War
Brown Walter Bradley 11311.22131.1 Pvt E-2 USArmy Korea; 24th Div, Infantry, died in action
Calloway Edward Frank, Jr. 11311.21522.1 USArmy Korea
Carpenter Clarence Harold 11336.12631 CPL USArmy Korea
Cavender Jesse L. 11354.25511 USArmy WWII, 1944-1945
Cheesman Charles Eugene 11311.11223.1 USArmy
Chenault Benjamin Franklin "Bennie" 13115.37a USArmy WWI
Chenault Bert Russell 13111.11342 USArmy Air Corps WWII
Chenault Billy Lloyd 13115.33233 USNavy Korean War
Chenault Charles Bruce 13111.11341.2 USNavy
Chenault Charles Joseph 11524.x13 Col USAF (Ret.) WWII, Korean & Vietnam Wars
Chenault Charles Vivian 11513.56 1SG USArmy WWI, 117th Inf
Chenault Clinton Felix, Jr. 13111.1a32 USArmy WWII, 24th Div, Philippines
Chenault Connie Sim 11351.9275 USArmy WWII
Chenault David Franklin, Jr. 11353.4352 PFC USArmy 393rd Inf., 99th Division
Chenault David Stuart 11436.689 USNavy WWII
Chenault David Waller, Jr. 11516.34 USArmy WWI
Chenault David Waller, II 11511.12111 CDR USNavy (Ret.)
Chenault Donald William 13115.33162 USArmy WWII
Chenault Elijah Micajah 11355.4243 PFC USArmy
Chenault Emmett Arthur 13115.3c6 watertender USNavy USS Barnegat (1918)
Chenault Floyd Frank 11367.5259 PFC USArmy WWII, 1944-1946
Chenault Frederic Archibald 11511.1211 CPT USNavy (Ret.)
Chenault George # undetermined USArmy WWII
Chenault George Emory 11153.1422 PFC USArmy WWII
Chenault George Ronald 11153.14221 USArmy Vietnam
Chenault Harold Lynn 13115.3c34 USNavy
Chenault Harry Donald 11153.4111 CPL USArmy WWI
Chenault Harvey, MD 11514.654 CPT USArmy Med Corps WWII
Chenault Henry Clay, MD 11355.632 Col USAF (Ret.)
Chenault Hugh Kenneth, Jr. 11153.4372 USArmy 18 Jan 1945-13 Aug 1946
Chenault James 11354.273 USArmy
Chenault James Allen 13111.1824 PFC USArmy
Chenault James Edwin 11367.5332 USArmy
USAF WWII 1946-1951
Chenault James Kenneth 11354.2421 Col USArmy 32 yr vet, recipient of Bronze Star, WWII Victory Medal, Legion of Merit, Meritorious Service Medal and others
Chenault James Miller 1133b.6211 Capt USAir Corps/USAF WWII, Korean War
Chenault James Stouffer 11511.1122 USNavy WWII, 1943-1946
Chenault Jerry Allen 11353.21221.3 MAJ USArmy
Chenault Joe Prewitt, Jr. 11511.1121 1LT USArmy Air Corps WWII; POW, 8 Oct 1943-May 1945
Chenault John Francis 13115.9332 USArmy WWII, recipient of Bronze Star
Chenault John Lawrence 11353.21223 USArmy Air Corps
Chenault John Murphy, MD 11351.8x6 Capt USArmy Med Corps WWII Jul 1943-Jun 1946
Chenault John Walter 11153.14212 MSgt USAF (Ret.) Vietnam and Gulf War "Red Horse" Combat Engineers
Chenault John Wesley "Jack" 11153.1421 Tech CPL Qtrmstr USArmy WWII Pacific
Chenault Joseph William 11151.41121 USNavy WWII, Korea
Chenault Judy Nadean 11367.53113 USAF & Air Nat’l Guard
Chenault Lester Eugene 13115.33161 USArmy WWII
Chenault Luther # undetermined USArmy Co., B, 541 Batt Engineers, 1918-?
Chenault Luther Barnard 13113.5244 USArmy WWII
Chenault Michael Lee 11153.14212.2 CPL USArmy
Chenault Michael Stephen 11355.42431 LTC USArmy Vietnam, 101st Air Mobile Div., multiple assignments during 24-yr career
Chenault Miles Stanley 13113.5281 SSG USArmy WWII
Chenault Olden M # undetermined Msgt USAF 1942-1972
Chenault Oran Ward, MD 11355.633 Lt Cdr USNavy USS Bunker Hill (Pacific)
Chenault Robert Forrest 11352.59x CEM USNavy 1919-1945
Chenault Robert Lyle 13115.97531 SGT USArmy
Chenault Robert R. 11353.21214 PFC USArmy WWII and Korea
Chenault Rose 13123.6211   USNavy Womens Aux. Emergency Svc. WWII
Chenault Sally Marie 11367.53112 USAF
Chenault Thomas Dudley "Tommy" 13111.19312 CPT USArmy 101st Div.
Chenault Webb Dudley 11353.21227 USAF
Chenault William 13114 USArmy War of 1812
Chenault William Iley 11365.1x12 USNavy 1948-1952
Chenault William Oren "Pinky" 11365.6741 pilot USArmy Air Corp WWII
Chenault William Piner, II 13123.523 USArmy WWI and WWII
Chennault Charlie Orlander 11353.2124 PFC USArmy WWII
Chennault Claire Lee 11354.151 GEN USArmy Air Corps
Chennault Clyde H. 11353.175 Tec 4 USArmy WWII
Chennault Ernest Nelson 11354.154 Capt USMC WWII
Chennault Fletcher James 11353.2128 PFC USArmy WWII
Chennault Ford 11365.6234 PFC USArmy WWII
Chennault James Steaphen 11353.39211 MAJ
Chennault James Woodrow "Woody" 11365.9113 flight officer USArmy Air Corps WWII
Chennault Jimmie Rogers 11365.6236 CPL USArmy WWII and Korea
Chennault John Stephen 11354.1511 Col USAF
Chennault Lee Roy 11353.212x PFC USArmy WWII
Chennault Pat William 11367.12211.1 USArmy Vietnam; recipient of Bronze Star, Distinguished Flying Cross and Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry
Chennault William Stephen 11354.153 PFC USArmy WWII
Chernault George Washington, Jr. 11131.4261 Col USAF (Ret.) 9180th Air Reserve liaison officer
Chernault Henry Tyler 11131.3855 USArmy WWII, recipient of 2 Purple Hearts, Silver and Bronze Stars
Chinault Roy Davis 11414.4961 CPL USArmy Air Corps WWII
Clark Christie Smith 11142.31753.1 USAF
Cox Leamon Thomas, Jr. 13115.3xa3 CPL USArmy WWII
Darland Byrle William 11148.1464 PFC USArmy Air Corps WWII
Davenport Rawling G., Sr. 11434.4217 USNavy
Dial William Louis 11365.1364 USArmy
Dueitt Steven Boyd 11142.47112.2 USMC 1989-1994
Englishbee Reuben D. 11367.34122 SSGT USArmy WWII
Gilliam Juanita 11365.6712 nurse USArmy WWII and Korea
Gilliam Theodore 11365.6713 USArmy WWII, Phillippines
Graham Robert Lovell 1133.121 USArmy WWII, recipient of Purple Heart and Silver Star
Gulley Clifford H. 11311.4731 USArmy WWII
Happy Ralph Raymond 11311.5347 Tech 4 USArmy WWII
Harsh Richard Stanley "Stan" 11513.9121 COL USArmy West Point graduate, 1948
Henderson Billie Harris 11355.8131 USArmy WWII, 104th Inf. Div.; recipient of Bronze Star
Henshaw Calvin Lee 1143x.1621 USArmy WWII
Holt David Mark 11513.27111 CPT USArmy
Hugunin William Eugene "Bill", III 13123.62114.1 USArmy Germany, 1990
Hudson Lewis Edward 11365.9263 2nd Lt USArmy WWII, 746th Tank Batt.; buried Henri-Chapelle American Cem., Belgium; recipient of Bronze Star and Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster.  Appears on WWII Honor Roll.
Jenkins Gary Phillip 11311.58421 USArmy 822nd Eng’g Bat., Guam, 1954-1956
Jenkins Troy Scott 11311.58423.1 USArmy A Co, 3rd Bat., 68th Armor Regt, 4th Inf
Div, Ft. Carson, CO, 1987-1990
Johnson Clyde Gale, Jr. 13115.9671 GySgt USMC
Johnston Michael Lee, Jr. 11436.61533.3 USArmy
Junkin Elijah Chenault 11355.4211 SGT USArmy
King Charles Orville 11369.255 Cpl USArmy WWI
Lumbley Kenneth W 11146.1112 TSGT USArmy WWII
Marks Joseph Edward 13112.134 USNavy 1943-1946
Martin Eugene J. 11422.229 PFC USArmy WWI
Martin Hartwell James 11422.249 USNavy WWII
Mason Joe Iva 11364.1434 USNavy
Mason William Charles, Jr. 11364.14332 USAF Vietnam
Mauldin Richard Curtis 11215.61131 USNavy WWII
Merritt Ralph William Joseph 11365.13521 LTC USArmy Vietnam
Minter William Burgin 11574.142 COL USArmy
Mobley Edwin Hugh 11511.1712 Col USAF
Morrison David Forsythe Carlisle 11521.6513 USNavy
Neal Jay Glenn 11214.182 Maj USArmy WWI
Owens William A. 11367.1315 USArmy 1942 to 1945
Phillips George Louis 11353.3a2 USArmy WWI
Phillips Jerry Arthur "Buddy" 11353.3a212 Capt USAF
Phillips Lewis Edward 11353.3a12 USNavy
Phillips Victor Raymond 11353.3a1 USArmy WWI
Phillips William Harold "Billy" 11353.3a21 USNavy
Pogue Jack K. 13115.9739 USNavy 19-1/2 yrs; AK
Quinn David Chenault 13123.62116 USArmy
USMC 1979-1985
Quinn John Aloysius, IV 13123.62111 USMC Naval Academy graduate, 1971
Rhodes James Lee Roy 11367-1316 USArmy WWII, 1942-1946
Sandord George Samuel, Jr. 11513.1713 LT USNavy
Sawyer Gene Landers 11369.2412 SGT USArmy WWII
Schell Grady Wesley 11369.2427 USArmy WWII, Co., A, 34th Inf. Regt.
Shinall Scotty Jason 11139.78322 SSgt USAF 963rd Airborne Air Control Sq.
Shinault Charles Lucien 11145.1551 USArmy Air Force WWII
Shinault Edward Lee 11145.1571 USNavy WWII, 1944-1946
Shinault Eugene W. 11142.3323 PFC USArmy WWII
Shinault Frank Eugene 11141.2562 USAF WWII, 6 Jan 1942-16 Dec 1945;
reenlisted 21 Mar 1947-24 Oct 1963
Shinault Gaylon Wayne 11143.12534 USAF
Shinault Louis Harold 11145.2591 Lt USNavy WWII
Shinault Marvin Kenneth 1133x.1521 USArmy WWII, paratrooper
Shinault Newbern Leslie 11143.12524 USArmy 1961-1963
Shinault Richard Gerald 11145.1572 USNavy
Shinault Robert Darwin 11142.4264 PFC USArmy
USAF 1946 Japan mechanic
Shinault Roy Thomas 11142.2563 USArmy Feb 1952-Feb 1954
Shinault William Robert 11141.24123 PFC USArmy WWII, killed in Normandy, France
Shinault Wirt Carter 11431.1316 TSGT USArmy WWII; 345 Bomb Sq 98, Bomb GP; died in action in France
Shinaut Richard Kennedy 1133b.8612 CMDR USNavy Korea
Simmons Cais Amos 11355.5515 SGT USArmy WWII, South Pacific, 1942-1945
Simmons Harvey Buel 11355.5514 PFC USArmy WWII, South Pacific, 38 months
Sterner Randall Winston 13123.62112.1 USArmy Panama, 1988
Tarver Hollis 11367.34114 USNavy WWII, 1943-1946
Taylor Howard Lee 11353.39413 USArmy
Taylor Robert Flemming 11353.39411 USArmy
Thomasson Bryan Douglas 11333.64156 USNavy
Thurman Frank Marion, Jr. 11365.6715 USArmy WWII and Korea
Vaughan Bernice Mae 11439.471 USArmy
Wallace Kenneth Warren "Skipper", Jr. 13115.97353 USAF Thailand (1970)
Whitaker Marshall Broaddus 1143x.31171 Pvt USArmy WWII, Warrant Officers
Whittaker Cleveland Smith 11414.4946 USArmy WWII, 1 Sep 1943 - 31 Mar 1945, awarded Purple Heart and Bronze Star
Worley Jackie Neal 11353.21211.3 USAF


Descendants Serving During American Revolution

William Chenault (1112), b. [1750]. During the Revolutionary War, William Chenault served (with his brother, James, #1115) in Capt. Henry Terrill’s Co. of Col. Josiah Parker’s 5th Regt. of Virginia Continental Line and that he spent the winter at Valley Forge; was in Washington’s march in pursuit of the British in 1778 through New Jersey to New York; was in the battles of Stillwater, Brandywine and Saratoga.

John Chenault (1113), b. 22 Nov 1754, Buckingham Co., VA; d. aft. 1820. In 1776, John enlisted in Capt. Samuel Cabell’s Co., Col. Mordecai Buckner’s 6th Virginia Regt.; detached to Col. Daniel Morgan’s Virginia Riflemen and fought two battles at Stillwater, 19 Sep 1777 and 7 Oct 1777. Honorably discharged, but immediately re-enlisted in Capt. John Marks’ Co., Col. Davis’ Regt.; transferred to 14th Regt.; fought at Battle of Monmouth, NJ, 28 Jun 1778; honorably discharged Dec 1779.

James Chenault (1115), b. 1757, Buckingham Co., VA; d. 1825, Cumberland Co., VA. He served as Pvt. in Capt. Henry Terrel’s 5th Virginia Regt. of Col. Josiah Parker for two years in Revolutionary War; was at the Battles of Brandywine and Germantown, and at the capture of Gen. Burgoyne at Saratoga; discharged at Valley Forge, applied for pension 22 Apr 1819, age 61, awarded $8.00 per month on cert. 12540 issued 21 Jul 1819.

Benjamin Chenault (113), b. [1726], Essex Co., VA; d. 7 Apr 1767, Bedford Co., VA. According to earlier editions of Red Book, lived in Grayson Co., VA, just adjacent to Surry Co., NC. In Spring 1777, he enlisted with Samuel Terrill, Bedford Co., VA; joined Capt. Samuel Cobb’s Company, Col. Alexander Spotswood’s Virginia Regiment, at Valley Forge, PA, as well as other regiments subsequently as reflected in Grayson Co., VA, court records dated 17 May 1824. Received bounty land, 100 acres in Surry Co., NC, in Mar 1818. On 28 Jun 1778, he was taken prisoner while in Col. Abraham Bluford’s 3rd VA Detachment of Scott’s VA Brigade, by Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton’s British cavalry during a massacre of VA soldiers. He was allowed to care for his fellow wounded soldiers including Capt. John Stokes, who later became a judge and after whom Stokes Co., NC, is named.

William Chenault (115), b. 30 Dec 1749, Essex Co., VA; d. 30 Dec 1813, Madison Co., KY ("the cold plague," tuberculosis). William was a patriot. He was a signer, in 1779, of the Albemarle Declaration of Independence, declaring his loyalty to the American Colonies and his opposition to the English Crown. This document was also signed by Thomas Jefferson and 208 others. Moreover, William was paid 5 pounds for his rifle which had been appropriated for the War. Earlier editions of this book have noted the debate concerning this William’s Revolutionary War service. Anderson Chenault Quisenberry and others claim that William served in Capt. Henry Terrill’s Company of Col. Josiah Parker’s 5th Regt. of Virginia Continental Line. Further, they say that William spent the winter at Valley Forge, was in Washington’s march in pursuit of the British in 1778 through New Jersey to New York, and was in the battles of Stillwater, Brandywine and Saratoga. However, Stan Harsh and some other researchers now believe that the William who served at Valley Forge may have actually been the son of Stephen (III) Chenault, #111, and Mary (Rowzie) Chenault. These researchers cite the similarities to the service records of a William Chenault, #1112, who served in the war with his brothers, James and John, all of whom were sons of Stephen and Mary Chenault. Other evidence appears to indicate that the William who served was illiterate, and it is known that this William, #115, was literate.


Descendants Serving During the War of 1812
(Sources of following: US War of 1812 Service Records, 1812-1815, and TN State Government Histories/War of 1812)

Georgia Regiments


Comment: Nelson Chenault served as a Private. This is believed to be John Nelson Chenault (11354), b. 27 Nov 1792, VA; d. 1865, Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR.


Kentucky Regiments


Comment: Stephen Chenault served as a Quarter Master Sergeant. This is believed to be Stephen Chenault, MD (13111), b. 2 Nov 1781; d. Jul 1862, Tipton, MO.


Mississippi Regiments


Comment: William Chinault served as a Surgeon. This is believed to be William Chenault, Dr. (13114), b. 20 Jun 1788, d. Cuba.


Tennessee Regiments

Colonel Philip Pipkin
June 1814 - December 1814

CAPTAINS: James Blakemore, Ebenezer Kilpatrick, William Mackay(Mackey), George Mebane, Henry M. Newlin, John Robertson, Peter Searcy, John Strother, David Smythe

MEN MOSTLY FROM: Robertson, Williamson, Davidson, Giles, Hickman, Maury, Sumner, and Wilson Counties

BRIEF HISTORY: This regiment of about 960 men was ordered to man the various forts of the Mississippi Territory: Forts Jackson, Williams, Strother, Claiborne, and Pierce. Many of the men were stationed in the vicinity of Mobile, where disease put large numbers of them on sick lists. The unrest caused by such conditions led to a high desertion rate throughout the regiment.

The desertions, along with enlistment disputes, led to court martials in December 1814 at Mobile, resulting in the execution of six soldiers on 21 February 1815 -- on the next day, news of the peace treaty arrived. The court martial was reviewed by the House Committee on Military Affairs in Washington (1828), probably to embarrass Andrew Jackson, who was then running for the office of president.

Comment: Reuben "Shinault" served in this regiment as a Fifer. This is Reuben Chennault (1136), twin brother of Stephen Chennault, b. 1 Jan 1767, Bedford Co., VA; d. 1818, Hazel Green, Madison Co., AL; buried Hazel Green, AL.


Colonel John K. Wynn
October 1813 - January 1814

CAPTAINS: Bailey Butler, Robert Braden, William Carothers, James Cole, James Holleman, William McCall, Bayless E. Prince, John Porter, John Spinks, William Wilson

MEN MOSTLY FROM: Wilson, Jackson, Robertson, Bedford, Lincoln, Montgomery, Robertson, Sumner, and White Counties

BRIEF HISTORY: Along with Colonel McCrory's regiment, this unit was part of the brigade commanded by General Isaac Roberts. Wynn's regiment totaled approximately 417 men. They participated in Jackson's first campaign into Creek territory where they fought at the Battle of Talladega (9 November 1813). At this battle the regiment sustained heavy casualties, especially in Captain John Porter's company, where the captain himself was among the wounded. Colonel Wynn was a planter and politician from Wilson County who was serving as state senator at the time of the outbreak of the Creek War. His regiment was mustered in at Fayetteville in early October 1813 and mustered out in early January 1814.

Comment: Walter Shinault served in this regiment as a Lieutenant. This is Walter Shinault (11142), the second son of Isaac, b. 1790, Bedford Co., VA; d. 4 Sep 1839.

John "Shinault" served in this regiment as a Private. This is John Chennault (11365), the son of Reuben Chennault, b. 12 Apr 1792, VA; d. 28 Sep 1849, Branchville, St. Clair Co., AL.


Colonel Stephen Copeland
January 1814 - May 1814

CAPTAINS: John Biler(Byler), John Dawson, William Douglass, William Evans, Solomon George, William Hodges, John Holshouser, Alexander Provine, Richard Sharp, George W. Still, James Tait, Moses Thompson, Allen Wilkinson, David Williams.

MEN MOSTLY FROM: Overton, Smith, Wilson, Franklin, Warren, Bedford, and Lincoln Counties

BRIEF HISTORY: There were approximately 660 men in this regiment. They were part of a brigade led by General Thomas Johnson (the other regiment of Johnson's brigade was led by Colonel R. C. Napier). Jackson's report of the Battle of Horseshoe Bend (27 March 1814) mentions that Copeland's regiment was held in reserve during this engagement. But a part of the regiment saw action, as muster rolls show casualties from this battle in the companies of Captains Moses Thompson and Allen Wilkinson. Their line of march took them from Fayetteville (where they were mustered into service), through Fort Deposit, Fort Strother, and finally to Fort Williams.

Comment: Thomas "Shenault" served in this regiment as a Private. This is Thomas Chennault (11364), son of Reuben Chennault, b. 1794, GA (twin); d. abt. 1865, Woodruff Co., AR.

Colonel Robert Steele
January 1814 - May 1814

CAPTAINS: James Bennett, Robert Campbell, John Chitwood, Samuel Maxwell, James Randals, Richard Ratton, James Shinault

MEN MOSTLY FROM: Jackson, White, Bedford, Giles, Lincoln, and Maury Counties

BRIEF HISTORY: Part of the brigade led by General Thomas Johnson, this regiment was composed of about 450 men. Colonel Steele and his men were left at Fort Strother while Jackson marched the rest of his army to Horseshoe Bend where the climactic battle of the Creek War was fought (27 March 1814). Steele's regiment served as wagon guards for supplies from Fort Deposit and built boats to transport supplies down the Coosa River to Fort Williams. From Camp Blount at Fayetteville, the regiment took the much-traveled route through Huntsville, Fort Deposit, and Fort Strother.

Comment: James Shinault served as a Captain in this regiment. This is James Shinault (11141), the eldest son of Isaac, b. 14 Feb 1788, Bedford Co., VA; d. 20 Apr 1870, Crawford Co., AR. He mustered in on 28 Jan 1814, and served until 10 May 1814. He likely was living in Bedford Co., TN, where Isaac had settled with his family.

William Shinault also served in this regiment. This is William Shinault (11143), another son of Isaac, b. abt. 1791, Bedford Co., VA; d. Jan 1826, Hardeman Co., TN. He mustered 28 Jan 1814, and served until 10 May 1814; named Field Officer by 1st Co., C.

John Shinault served in the regiment at the rank of Private. This is believed to be John Versa Shinault (11145), the younger son of Isaac, b. 1797; d. bef. Oct 1836, Holly Springs, Marshall Co., MS.


Col. Thomas Williamson
September 1814 - April 1815

CAPTAINS: Giles Burdett, James Cook, John Crane, John Doak, John Dobbins, John Hutchings, William Martin, Anthony Metcalf, Robert Moore, James Nealy, James Pace, Thomas Porter, Thomas Scurry, Robert Steele, Richard Tate, Beverly Williams

MEN MOSTLY FROM: Bedford, Davidson, Robertson, Rutherford, Sumner, Williamson, Wilson, Giles, and Smith Counties

BRIEF HISTORY: Along with Colonel Robert Dyer's unit, this regiment was part of General John Coffee's brigade that fought at Pensacola and New Orleans. Marching from Fayetteville to Camp Gaines (30 miles from Fort Montgomery), they helped Jackson take the port of Pensacola from the Spanish on 7 November 1814. Williamson's men then participated in all of the engagements at New Orleans, where they were part of the left line of Jackson's breastworks. In March 1815 they returned to Tennessee via the Natchez Trace.

Comment: The roll for this regiment shows a John Shinault served as a Private. The specific identity of this individual has not been proven as it could have been either the John Shinault, son of Isaac, or John Shinault, son of Reuben. Each of them served in other regiments, but could have also been a volunteer in this regiment. Of the two, it is most likely the son of Isaac, known as John Versa, since he was from Bedford Co., TN, one of the counties mentioned under "Men Mostly From" in the description of the regiment.


Virginia Regiments


John Chinault* served as a Private.

Col. Henry Beatty

Possibly related to the Lynchburg Rifles.

William Chenault served as a Private.
William Shenault
served as a Private.


James Chenault served as a Private.
James Chinault
served as a Private.
John Chenault*
served as a Private.
John Chinault*
served as a Private.
Thomas Chinault
served as a Private.
Thomas Shenault
served as a Private.

Col. Daniel Coleman
Jan-May 1814

John Chenault* served as a Private.


Comment: Henry Chenault served as a Private. Also shown as Henry Shenault. This is Henry B. Chenault (11135), b. abt. 1794; d. 3 Nov 1863, Manchester, Chesterfield Co., VA. Enlisted in Buckingham Co., VA, 29 Aug 1814; honorably discharged 22 Feb 1815.

Col. William Boyd

"Some units of the King and Queen militia were called out by General Orders, April 5, 1813, which directed those units to muster with the 109th Regiment under Colonel Muse. Those units raised in the Summer of 1814 participated in the march to Alexandria under their regimental commander, Colonel Boyd. In December 1814, some units were again called up to protect the Rappahannock River area. They were also mustered with Colonel Muse's 109th Regiment under the overall command of Gen. John H. Cocke." From Rootsweb Archives

Comment: Presley Chenault served as a Private. This is Presley Chenault (11412), b. [1885-1795]; d. 1825-1826. He was in Reubin M. Garnett’s Co.

Col. Nimrod Bramham

Possibly Albemarle Co., VA.

Thomas Chennoult served as a Private.
Thomas Chinnault
served as a Private.


James Shenault served as a Private.
John Shenault
* served as a Private.


*John Chenault (11161), b. Feb 1798, VA; d. 9 May 1875, Amherst Co., VA. According to the War of 1812 Burials, VA Index, compiled by the War of 1812 Society of VA, 13 Nov 2006, John Chenault, from Madison Heights, Amherst Co., VA, served as a Private in the service during the war. It is undetermined which John Chenault shown above in VA regiments is this particular John.